Bahay forced to pull out of Dublin 15 spot due to 'enormous costs'

By Katy Thornton

October 21, 2022 at 4:33pm


"We've got some good news & bad news."


In a devastating turn of events, Bahay have had to pull out of their Dublin 15 location, which was supposed to be opening in the coming months. They first announced this new venture in September, a huge step for them to take.

Unfortunately with their decision to pull out of Dublin 15, Bahay are also halting their search for a permanent location.


In a lengthy Instagram caption, Bahay explain their reasons for this latest development.

"Staffing issues were a huge problem, but also rising enormous costs (which we’re not entitled to any gov support due to being a new business), terms changing & us getting an overwhelming feeling of doom in the pits of our stomach, we decided a few weeks ago to pull Bahay Blanch. Since then, we’ve called up every empty spot in D1, D2 & our local beloved Dublin 8, to be heartbroken again by crazy prices, crazy terms & landlords somehow wanting to dictate our hours, kitchen setup, decor(??) etc.. Or else charging insane turn-key money to have the privilege of paying them huge rent for premises that still need work to meet our needs."

Not wanting to tie themselves something that could ultimately cost them what they love, Bahay have decided now isn't the right time to settle down. Instead they will continue to focus on their pop ups.

There is some good news however. Bahay are launching something special soon, something they've been working on since March. So keep your eyes peeled for that.


We have no doubt one day Bahay will find their forever home.

Header image via Instagram/bahay_dub

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