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14th Jul 2017

9 Ways To Have The Most Productive Weekend In Dublin While It’s Sunny AF

Alana Laverty

It’s set to be 22ºC in Dublin this weekend and we are living for it. 

But blink and it’ll be over before you’ve even decided what you’re doing – unless you’re hitting up Longitude, that is. 

If, like us, you’re in denial about your Longitude FOMO then you’re probably trying to come up with something to distract yourself with this weekend. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got the suss. 

It all starts with… 

Make a plan 

We’re all busy. 

When we hit the weekend, we think we want to do ‘nothing’. 

But it’s impossible to truly do nothing. Instead, you’ll do unconsciously chosen somethings, and you’ll hit Sunday wondering where the time went. 

So, make a plan for how you want to spend the weekend and–even if all goes wrong in the moment–you’ll still derive pleasure from anticipating your fun. 

(Side note: don’t fill every minute, just because you’ve got a plan doesn’t mean the weekends need to look like your weekdays – scheduled in 15-minute increments – choose three big ‘anchor’ events to pack out your weekend that’ll leave you satisfied.)

How to begin that plan you ask? 

No stress – we’re here to help. 

Plan yo breakfast / brunch

The most important of the day – always. 

Decide whether you’re having it sa bhaile or heading out – buy your ingredients or make your reservations and hop to it. 

To be on the more productive side of things we’d advise you keep brunch/breakfast under two hours and go easy on the mimosas hun or the day’ll be over before you know it. 

And treat yo’self. 

Do something cultural/touristy/enlightening 

You’ll feel more fantastic after. 

Here’s a list of a few options or:

  • Visit Vermeer’s exhibition in the National Gallery 
  • Head out to the National Maritime Museum of Ireland in Dún Laoghaire
  • Visit the Science Museum
  • Check out the Guinness Storehouse/Teelings Distillery/Jameson Distillery
  • Visit Irish Museum of Modern Art
  • Hit up Dublin Castle 

Take a day trip

We all love a good day trip – GTFO out of Dublin for a while and explore somewhere cool and new. 

Some suggestions: 8 Places Within An Hour Of Dublin For A Magical Sunny Adventure

Try something new/something that scares you

We all admit to being creatures of habit from time to time. 

But doing something new, something that scares you or something that you’ve been putting off for ages is almost always super rewarding. 

For me? I’ll finally be jumping off the Forty Foot after weeks of saying I would – find your thing and JUST DO IT. 

Some suggestions: 

Watch a documentary 

Exercise your brain folks – learn about something entirely new through a documentary. 

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My Beautiful Broken Brain

Make some time for downtime 

In our distracted world, we have a tendency to potter around the gaff, turn on the TV, check emails and otherwise fill time with things that don’t really relax, fulfill or stimulate us at all. 

If you want to take a nap on Sunday afternoon, figure out when that’s going to happen, if there are any logistical issues you need to solve, and then commit to doing it.

Naps > everything else. 

Make a lunch/dinner recipe you’ve never tried before or eat at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to 

Whip out the ould cookbook and rustle up something a lil challenging – you’ll feel like Jamie Oliver himself afterwards. 

The pride you feel after cooking a stellar meal for yourself or for friends/fam is ace. 

Alternatively, if you’ve got the dollah dollah bills – head to a restaurant you’ve mean saying you’ve wanted to try for ages. 

Go on, go on, go on. 

Watch the sunset

With weather this good, you’re in for a treat. 

Make the most of it guys. 

Header image: @seannolan93 on Instagram

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