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17th Oct 2018

PICS: Dublin Nightclub Is Doing Something Strange To People’s Phones As Part Of ‘New Rule’

Darragh Berry

Nightclubs have been in the news a lot in the past 24 hours.

First, this Dublin nightclub put up a sign about drugs which left a lot of people divided on the matter.

Then, it was announced that all four of Ireland’s best nightclubs are situated in the capital.

Now, it seems as though a Dublin nightclub is doing something to people’s phones as part of a ‘new rule’.

Apparently Index nightclub on Arran Quay are blocking people’s cameras on their phones upon entry of the club.

Index starting a no phone rule where they put a sticker over ur camera is one of the best news for the club scene in Dublin in a very long time,” the tweet says.

The nightclub is famous for its house and techno vibe.

The nightclub said that they “will be implementing a no phone camera’s/recording equipment rule” in an attempt to “take back the dancefloor”.

“We will be enforcing a no cameras in the club policy. So we will be covering everybody’s cameras upon entry. No more annoying cameras on the dance floor, there is no need. Just get lost in the night.”

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