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13th Jul 2020

Locals call for authorities to ‘immediately protect Luke’s statue’ following damage

Sarah Finnan

Luke Kelly

It’s the seventh time that the Luke Kelly statue down at Dublin’s Docklands has been vandalised in recent months.

Standing tall down at the corner of Guild Street and Sherriff Street down at Dublin’s Docklands, the well-recognised Luke Kelly statue has been vandalised for the seventh time in recent months. One of two statues of the iconic Irish singer and folk musician, Gardaí are investigating the damage which occurred over the weekend.

Describing the incident as “frustrating”, a statement from the Northwall Community Association added that such behaviour is “not unexpected”… especially considering the fact that it has already happened on more than one occasion.

Just over a year and a half old, the statue has already been defaced several times with locals criticising authorities for not putting measures in place to protect the exhibit.

Calling for the powers that be to “immediately protect Luke’s statue”, people have suggested that the plinth underneath the bust be raised also recommending the installation of a 5ft black spiked railing around the statue that would prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Erected back in January 2019, the statue is the work of  German-born, Dublin-based artist Vera Klute.

(Header pic: North Wall Community Association)

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