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08th Oct 2021

Our weekly round-up of weird and wonderful pizzas to try in Dublin

Katy Thornton

Pepperoni is great, ham and pineapple even better (yes, pineapple does belong on pizza you heathens), but sometimes you want to branch out just a little…

If you’re looking to change up your pizza game and try something new, check out our round up of pizzas that are just a little bit different.

1. Cashew Pizza, Minnetta Deli

Location: Dublin 13

Minneta Deli in Sutton Cross is mixing things up with this cashew rayu pizza. It also has pulled chicken and a whole lotta cheese.

2. Pumpkin Pizza, Coke Lane

Location: Dublin 8

It’s pumpkin season, okay? You’ve got to add pumpkin to absolutely everything or you’re doing it wrong. Coke Lane gets it, serving this pumpkin base pizza, topped with scarmorza and nduja. Delicious.

3. Lasagne Pizza, The Woollen Mills

Location: Dublin 1

We were stoked to see this pizza on our newsfeeds. Why not pair a pizza and pasta dish to make a truly elite combination? The Woollen Mills has created a masterpiece with this pizza.

4. Chicken Tikka Pizza, North Wood Fire Pizza

Location: Dublin 18

Earlier in the week we wrote about this unreal invention, the combination of two elite takeaways. Curry on pizza – how could it not taste amazing? North Woodfire Pizza in Sandyford is a must try for this pizza alone.

5. Carbonara Pizza, Fired Up

Location: Dublin 14

We believe Fired Up are still doing their infamous Carbonara pizza special. We first covered this a few weeks ago, and if you can still get your hands on it, don’t pass up the opportunity!

So what is going to be your pizza of choice this weekend?

Header image via Instagram/cokelanepizza

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