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14th Jun 2020

Temple Bar businesses to enforce ‘hospital level sanitisation’ upon reopening

Sarah Finnan

Temple Bar

Proposed measures include pedestrianising the Temple Bar area and the use of ‘hospital-level sanitisation’ in pubs and restaurants.

Dramatic changes can be expected for the Temple Bar area as businesses in the locality prepare to reopen at the end of this month. Responsible for employing over 80,000 people in Dublin, the tourism industry is facing a daunting challenge as the country gears up for phase three of the Government’s roadmap.

It’s believed that businesses in the area will be provided with hospital-level hygiene products ahead of reopening their doors to the public, with other proposed measures including the use of air decontamination devices (the same ones to be found in intensive care units) by some venues, automatic door handle disinfectants and facial temperature check machines.

Martin Harte, CEO of the Temple Bar Company, has also called for streets to be pedestrianised after 11am saying that doing so would allow local businesses to take better advantage of the space and ensure proper social distancing measures are enforced – access to the car park would still be allowed.

Talks between government and industry are currently underway over whether social distancing measures will be relaxed for businesses in the hospitality sector and the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) expects a decision to be announced by health authorities in the coming week.

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