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27th May 2020

‘Thanks for putting Dalkey on the world map’ – Locals bid farewell to Matt Damon

James Fenton

So that’s it, Matt Damon? After all we’ve been through you’re just gonna pack your bags and leave without saying goodbye?

It seems as though Matt Damon’s love affair with Dalkey is coming to an end. The Hollywood star has spent the entire lockdown in the coastal Dublin town after arriving here to film scenes for the Ridley Scott-directed flick The Last Duel.

Now, one incredibly viral photo and a graduation message later, it seems like the Bourne Identity star is on his way. The Country Bake on Castle Street in Dalkey have posted an image of the actor on their premises along with the caption ‘Our last visit from Matt and his family for a while. Safe travels! Thanks for bringing some excitement to Dalkey during this pandemic!’

Matt Damon, we hardly knew ye. Underneath the photo, people have been saying their goodbyes with one writing ‘He put Dalkey on the world map. Thank you Matt,’ and another adding ‘Safe travels Matt, come visit us again soon.’

He’ll be missed for sure. Damon’s stay in Dalkey attracted international headlines over the past couple of months and let’s hope his memories of his stay in Ireland are as fond as ours.

Come back any time, bud.

(header pic: @MummyCooks)

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