8 Irish spots that have also banned James Corden

By Katy Thornton

October 19, 2022 at 11:58am


He won't be getting a boneless basket with cheesy fries here anytime soon...


Balthazar in NYC may have unbanned Corden, letting bygones be bygones, but the Irish don't forget. Following the news that James Corden had been banned from the popular French restaurant, Irish businesses jumped on the bandwagon to ensure such abuse never occurs towards their staff.

The Lucky Inn, Dungloe

Donegal takeaway The Lucky Inn is saying no to James Corden, with The Golden Palace expected to follow suit.

Sheds Direct Ireland

You've really gone and done it now James. Put that green thumb away, says Sheds Direct Ireland, seller of high-quality garden sheds & garden products all over the country.


Enya's Castle

If James Corden ever dares to step on Irish soil, he and his abuse will not be welcome at Enya's Castle in Killiney.


Ah, you know you have messed up big time to be banned from a Ryanair flight. Dear god James, what have you done???

The chipper in Finglas Village

I'm going to hazard a guess and say Darren means Salvetas in Finglas Village.



One of our fave bars in Dublin Antisocial has barred James Corden, saying, "We were always Anti-James Corden anyways". They've just decided to make it official.

Eddie Rocket's in Phibsborough

No boneless baskets for you James. The official Eddie Rocket's account confirmed this news, making us think it won't just be the Phibsborough branch banning the talk show host.

Brambles Café in Jervis


And if James Corden ever dares to do a bit of retail therapy (which he may require a lot of, given the 24 hours he's probably had) he'll find that Jervis, particularly Brambles café, will not be serving him his post-shopping tea and scones.

Honourable Mention

Nadine's Irish Mist Sunset Beach

This one was a little too good not to mention. I think that the tweet speaks for itself honestly.

To be banned from some of these places (Eddie Rocket's especially) will surely be the wake-up call that James Corden needs moving forward.

Header images via Shutterstock & Instagram/j_corden


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