As we celebrate Ireland's Oscar nominees, here are 5 roles they were snubbed for in the past

By Fiona Frawley

January 25, 2023 at 5:20pm


The Denny's ad, sure. But there's so much more.

Yesterday was a day for the Irish cinema history books as a record-breaking five actors and two Irish films found themselves on this years Oscar nominee list.

Tipperary-born Kerry Condon was nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actress for her role in Banshees of Inisherin, while Barry Keoghan and Brendan Gleeson received nominations for Best Supporting Actor in the same film. Paul Mescal and Colin Farrell both landed in the Best Leading Actor category for their respective roles in Aftersun and Banshees of Inisherin and of course, An Cailín Ciúin made history by becoming the first Irish language film with a nomination for the Oscar for Best International Feature.

For most actors and filmmakers, an Oscar is the pinnacle - but these performers were making magic long before the nominations were announced. To celebrate the time they spent as cake-munching train passengers and brown sauce-slingin' baddies, here's a look back on their most iconic roles.

Barry Keoghan as Wayne in Love/Hate

Ah, the Love/Hate era. One of the most notable in Irish history. Everyone excitedly relaying the most shocking aspects of the latest episode on a Monday morning, while clever, quintessentially Dublin dialogue made even the cruellest of characters redeemable in our eyes.


One moment we all remember is Wayne and the cat (RIP), not just because of the shocking nature of the scene but also because of how Barry, at just 20 years old commanded the screen. Ever since this role there have been whisperings of Keoghan being the "next big thing" and look at him now.

Barry Keoghan in Love/Hate, 2013

Brendan Gleeson in Cáca Milis

If you haven't had a Leaving Cert nightmare in a while, this is sure to invite one. This 2001 film was a cornerstone of the Irish curriculum and let's be honest, nothing has ever come close to the twist of Catherine hiding Paul's inhaler and walking off the train. Watch the full film HERE.

Brendan Gleeson as the cake-munching Paul in Cáca Milis 

Colin Farrell in Intermission

When we think of Colin Farrell, we think of him as the wooly jumper wearing, perfect brow possessing petty criminal in 2003 masterpiece Intermission. Tearing through Rathfarnham Shopping Centre with nothing but a buzz cut and a dream, we live in hope that tea with Brown sauce will be the cocktail du jour at the Oscars afterparty.

Colin Farrell in Intermission, 2003.

Kerry Condon in Rat, 2000

Don't you just hate it when your husband arrives home from the local and turns into a rat? We've all been there. Kerry Condon has some seriously impressive accolades but this bizarre film about a pint-guzzling rodent also starring Father Ted's Frank Kelly deserves a shout out.

A quintessentially noughties Kerry Condon in Rat

Paul Mescal in the Denny's ad, 2018

Look, we couldn't not mention it. From Ballyhaunis to Beverly Hills, we've all been intensely invested in Paul Mescal's journey to stardom and it'd be rude not to look back on where it all started. Maybe the blue beanie and side fringe will make a comeback on the red carpet?

Congrats to all the Oscar noms. We sincerely hope that if any of them win, Maniac 2000 will play as they walk onstage to accept their awards.

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