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14th Sep 2020

Christmas chocolate has already been spotted in this Irish supermarket 

Sarah Finnan

Christmas chocolate

Ah, lads… it’s not even Halloween yet?

Christmas etiquette can be a somewhat divisive topic. People have very strong opinions when it comes to the Christmas timeline and deciding when to start decorating/playing festive music/buying presents can sometimes lead to family fallouts. It’s usually not until the run up to December 25th that you really learn what category you fall into; holiday elf or full-on Scrooge.

On one end of the ‘what is appropriate Christmas etiquette?’ spectrum we have Taylor Swift – the madzer who thinks leaving her Christmas lights up until January is very out there – on the other, we have the likes of Dunnes Stores – who already have their Christmas chocolate on display. Two polar opposites, I think you’ll agree.

Spotted by one of our own over the weekend, according to our source the goods can be found in the Dunnes Stores branch out in Cornelscourt where the aisles are already stocked full of Christmas chocolate including Santas and advent calendars. I know chocolate is chocolate but this seems a tad much, no?

Christmas chocolate Christmas chocolate

More worrying still though is the fact that some of the calendars already seem to have sold… there are some very prepared Irish mammies out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about that Christmas cheer but even I think this is a little early.

Christmas chocolate

Kilkenny Design have also opened their Christmas shop a whole month early. Putting the decision down to ‘high customer demand’ it seems that there are some very eager Christmas beavers out there.

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