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09th Nov 2021

Ireland’s most recent celeb visitor is getting into the Christmas spirit

Fiona Frawley

Every year, there’s an influx of American tourists wowed by the Christmas decorations at Stephen’s Green shopping centre.

And in fairness. They’re absolutely gorge. I’ll just never not be able to see Stephens Green as the place I snuck to for underage piercings, ate too much Quiznos and bought tutus for Wezz (shout out to you, Asha, for making me feel alternative as an extremely basic teenager) – but power to everyone discovering it for the first time. It’s a magical place to be this time of year, when all’s said and done.

Among those taking in the scenes for the very first time is none other than the iconic Titus Burgess. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt legend shared a vid on Insta capturing the Christmassy scenes at Stephen’s Green, and he even added in a little Irish accent attempt at the end which honestly, wasn’t the worst one I’ve heard. I also am generally overly excited whenever a celebrity acknowledges the existence of Ireland (it’s like, omg, they know us), so any accent would have worked for me.

Does anyone have anyone what Titus might be getting up to during his time here? Has he got a cameo in Cocaine Bear like every other American actor? Or maybe he’s just here for a wee holiday? We’ll be right here in any case, eagerly awaiting his next Irish tourist update.

Header image via Instagram/instatituss

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