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06th Aug 2020

Lovin Games Weekly – The latest news on the next version of Grand Theft Auto

James Fenton

This hasn’t been the best week for people looking for sources of entertainment, has it? The first big blockbuster of the summer, Tenet, has been pushed back a number of weeks. As has the reopening of the pubs that don’t serve food.

At least games are still here, each and every week, a brand new game to play, or a classic old game to rediscover at a much cheaper price!


Destroy All Humans! (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Fifteen years later, the remake/update of the classic third-person shooter proves to be just as much fun as it was first time around. A lick of digital paint and some new random levels added here and there, but mostly Destroy All Humans! is exactly the same game it was when released on the PS2 and Xbox.

Set in 1950s suburban America, you drop into town in your flying saucer and promptly run around destroying the place. You’ll use your laser gun to fry humans and blow up tanks, you’ll pick specific victims to be abducted, and when the army’s response gets too much for you, hop into your spaceship and rain laser-fire down from above.

There isn’t much more to it than that, aside from a snide sense of humour that makes Destroy All Humans! the closest we’ll likely ever get to a video-game version of Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!

Get a glimpse of what’s in store in the trailer below…


GTA Online will have new, exclusive content for next-gen players

When Sony gave players a look at some of the biggest games that will be coming to the PS5, fans got VERY excited when the Rockstar logo popped up. A new Grand Theft Auto was on the way?? Well, no. It turns out they’re gearing up to release GTAV and GTA Online on the new platform as well, which disappointed some players as they’d been playing GTAV since 2013 when it was released on the PS3!

Just last week we recommended the rock-bottom deal that is currently going around for the ultimate edition of GTAV, and you can find more on that here

Well, the good news is that Rockstar’s parent company recently confirmed that “additional content exclusive to the new consoles and PC” is planned for Grand Theft Auto Online. What exactly will that mean for Grand Theft Auto players who get into GTA Online on the PS5 and Xbox Series X? We don’t know for sure, but we’re betting it will involve some new, complicated heist systems, and for anyone who has ever been involved in a heist on GTA Online already, then they’ll know they are A LOT of fun.

Bring on the new heists! (If that is what the new content is. Whatever it is, bring it on!) Until then, here’s some footage to whet your appetite…


Borderlands 3 (PS4)

The daddy of the looter-shooter genre of games bested itself with this threequel, which combined the best of both worlds for fans of single and multi-player first-person shooters. The campaign itself is about 30 hours long and features some of the most stunning vistas that the Borderlands series has ever taken us too. Meanwhile, the multi-player mode allows you to get involved in the exact same thing… but with your mates! Up to four of you can play simultaneously, choosing from a different class of fighter which will then have an influence on the types of weapons you’ll have access to.

And oh… the weapons. Yep, the real reason any of us play Borderlands is for the practically infinite-feeling amount of new weapons that you get to play with and take out hordes of enemies with. The overall plot of stopping some genocidal twins from using an alien weapon to… get more powerful?… is barely important enough. No, what is important are the weapons. SO. MANY. WEAPONS.

Borderlands 3 is available on the PS Store right now, marked down from €69.99 to €29.39. Check out the trailer below…

All prices, release dates and platforms are correct at date of publication.