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16th Sep 2020

Lovin Games Weekly – PlayStation 5 prices and release dates finally announced

Rory Cashin

This is it. The information that we’ve all been waiting for!

Are you even reading this bit?

You’re not, are you?

You’ve got straight down to the PS5 news, haven’t you?

That’s okay, we understand, we’d do the exact same thing…


Spelunky 2 (PS4, PC)

If you didn’t like the first Spelunky, or if you’re not a fan of ROCK HARD games, then you can go ahead and skip over this bit, because there is nothing in Spelunky 2 that is going to win you over.

However, if you did fall into either of the above categories, then good news: you’re likely to love Spelunky 2 even more than the original! The incredibly difficult side-scrolling random-generator platformer isn’t really here to hold your hand, but once you get to grips with that insane difficulty ramp and the zillion ways that the game tries to kill you, then you’re going to have a blast.

The old-school 2D visuals hide a deeper-than-it-looks series of levels and a series of secrets that will take you dozen of hours to properly complete.


Sony finally reveal all those PS5 details

Pretty much a week to the day since Microsoft revealed the prices and release date info for the new Xbox consoles, Sony have followed suit.

In amongst a tsunami of trailers for upcoming games (which we’ll cover on this very website in due course), they reveal maybe the most important details about the new consoles.

The standard edition PS5 will be selling at €499, while the Digital Edition (which won’t be able to play physical discs, only downloaded games) will be retailing at €399.

Both versions of the PS5 will be available to buy in Ireland on Thursday November 19th. Some stores have already put their pre-orders in place so you’d best get a move on if you want to be one of the first to own one.

So there you have it. Start saving! Or start writing your letters to Santy.


Doom (PS4)

There was a time when shooters all started to feel the same. Get in behind cover and take shots at the enemy when they were silly enough to come out from behind cover. Repeat until everyone was dead. Yawn.

Thankfully, the rebooted Doom game (which, truth be told, is more fun than the recent overcomplicated sequel Doom Eternal) brought an end to all of that for a little while. This shooter was all about timing and double jumps and implanting chainsaws into demon’s heads. Y’know, the usual.

Legitimately one of the best action games on the PS4, you’ll be very happy to learn that it has been reduced from €19.99 to just €5.99 on the PS Store. Yes, one of the best PS4 shooters for less than six quid. Get on it!