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24th Apr 2020

Michael Buble moved to tears by touching Irish video

Sarah Finnan

Michael Buble shares Irish video

The video is accompanied by a handpainted mural that reads “Together we will rise again”.

A touching video made by Dublin- based creative agency, The Tenth Man, has been doing the rounds online – moving viewers for its poignant message, one that urges people to “stay safe, stay home, stay strong”.

Aptly named The Phoenix, the short film is about the importance of hope in these challenging times. Based on words by Sarah Coffey, the video is voiced by Eva Jane Gaffney.

Opening with the question: “When will all this end?”, the video goes on to show what will happen once the dust has settled and it’s caused many a tear to be shed. Including a few by a certain Mr Michael Buble, who reshared the video to his Facebook page alongside the caption: “I think I got flour in my eye.” (He must have been making banana bread.)

Only just over three minutes long, the video features a montage of different footage – captured both at home and abroad – telling a story of love and loss as it encourages people to hold on just a little longer and imagine what’s to come.

“When this will all end we will be reunited, so now, just for a minute, let’s imagine it.”

You can watch the full video here, but be sure to have the tissues handy… or do as Michael Buble does, and blame the tears on a bag of flour.

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