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17th Mar 2020

Michael D got the dogs out today and Sioda seems to be on the mend

James Fenton

It’s a dog day St. Patrick’s afternoon to say the least with a lot of people at a loose end due to the closures of pubs across the country.

Just like many of the rest of us, President Michael D Higgins is largely confined to his home but it seems he has managed to head out today for a bit of a run with his dogs Brod and Sioda.

Joined by his wife Sabina, Michael D and his pooches wandered the grounds of the Aras and a video of their little walkabout has been posted on Twitter. Followers are delighted to see Sioda on the mend after a recent operation meant she missed out on meeting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, we aren’t all lucky enough to be able to stretch the legs on such vast plains during these uncertain times but who’s going begrudge this adorable pair of dogs such a luxury?

At least we have videos such as the above to keep us entertained during these long days at home.

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