English Band Cancels Tour After Drummer Injured In Dublin Cycling Incident

Joe Seaward underwent neurosurgery after the collision...

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English band Glass Animals have announced that they have cancelled all their shows for the rest of the year after drummer Joe Seaward was injured while cycling in Dublin.

Taking the Instagram to break news to fans, lead singer Dave Bayley said that:

'Last Monday, my best friend, and our drummer Joe was hit by a truck while on his bike here in Dublin.

'His leg was broken on impact and he became tangled in the truck's trailer where his skull suffered a complex fracture.

'Miraculously and thankfully, he is still alive.

The post goes on to say that Joe underwent successful neurosurgery but the band are 'very sorry to say that because of all of this, we will be cancelling our remaining shows this year.'

The full post can be read here.

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