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PICS: Irish People Saying The Same Thing About Westlife’s New Song But There’s Something Fans Need To Know

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It’s been 8 years since we received new music from Westlife but fans were treated to a brand new track on Thursday morning.

‘Hello My Love’ is already trending massively worldwide and it’s easy to see why. It’s a banger of a song and matches the sheer power that Take That had when they returned with ‘Patience’ in 2006.

Fans were pining over Shane Filan’s high note as well as the solo parts from Kian and Nicky who very seldom get a chance to shine on their own.

All in all they were extremely pleased with the new track which you can hear below…

And here’s some Irish fans’ reaction:

The tune was penned by Ed Sheeran who seems to turn everything he touches to gold.

But, there’s something that fans need to know about the new song.

If the popularity continues and that translates to single sales, Westlife could get their 15th number one single in UK.

This would see them beat Cliff Richard and become the 3rd artist with most #1 singles on the UK Singles Chart behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

And if they got to number one in Ireland, it would see them overtake The Beatles to hop into second place with 14 number ones of all time – behind U2 who have 21 number ones.

Not bad company to keep.

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