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13th May 2020

Normal People director gifted hilarious drawing of Joe Duffy with head in hands

Sarah Finnan

Normal People

People are absolutely buzzing for Liveline today, expecting complete uproar after last night’s episodes of Normal People – a fair expectation given the absolute furore that arose a couple of weeks ago when the show first aired on RTE.

Even Joe Duffy himself is buckling in for what’s to come, last night joking that he was going to call in sick ahead of it all. The cast and production team behind the TV adaptation have been taking the controversy in their stride with Paul Mescal saying that he’s “incredibly proud” of the series’ more intimate scenes and is happy to see them on Irish screens.

Even Irish director Lenny Abrahamson has been getting a laugh out of the whole thing, retweeting a number of his favourite tweets including one taken from a Father Ted episode that shows Bishop Brennan running in a rage of fury

However, the highlight came when he was gifted a drawing of Joe Duffy to commemorate the now-famous Liveline debacle. Showing Joe with his head in hand, the image has come to be the poster for the ongoing debate over the series’ sex scenes.

Dubbing it “a great gift”, Lenny shared a photo of the drawing online thanking Steve Fanagan (sound designer and supervising sound editor for Normal People) for the thoughtful present – with Joe later resharing the image alongside a simple laughing emoji.

Let’s see what today’s episode has in store.

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