Someone got a tattoo of the Hit The Spot takeaway logo

By Fiona Frawley

November 7, 2022 at 4:49pm


And incase you're wondering - yes, that's the logo that looks like a man spreading his arse cheeks and winking.

Many people who are proud to be Irish like to symbolise that pride with a piece of art on their bodies. Some opt for a Celtic design or their name written in ogham; their favourite phrase as gaeilge or perhaps a minimalist stick 'n poke of a beloved landmark.

This, however. This is new.

If you're a frequenter of Dublin Twitter or a Rathmines resident you've probably seen the shop front for takeaway Hit the Spot, in which a man appears to be presenting his rectum for inspection and winking while doing so.

Please see below for reference:


Now the saga continues, as someone has gotten said logo tattooed on their calf.

A work of art, it has to be said. Gives the Marty Whelan tattoo a run for its money, and acts as a poignant love letter to Dublin's takeaway culture. If someone unfamiliar with the takeaway saw the ink, no doubt they'd be confused and maybe concerned, but those of us who get it, get it.

I think it'd be fair to say the spot has well and truly been hit.


Header image via Twitter/@Brown_Sauceee

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