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30th May 2019

Taylor Kinney Is In Dublin And Hit Up One Of Our Favourite Spots

James Fenton

If a visitor to Dublin asks you to point them in the direction of a great pint in a tranquil location with some decent Irish music, you could do worse than suggest Johnnie Fox’s.

Nestled high up in the Dublin Mountains, not only is the pub popular with locals, it’s a go-to for Hollywood’s finest whenever they’re in town. One such star is Taylor Kinney, AKA Mason Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries, who nipped up to Glencullen’s finest for a bite to eat.

Many will know Kinney as the man who went was engaged to Lady Gaga before their break-up in 2016, no doubt a painful experience for both of them.

Then again, had he walked down the aisle with the singer, he may never have sampled one of Dublin’s finest pubs.

Fate always leads you down the right path. Or up, in this case.

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