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10th Jun 2020

The Chase’s Shaun Wallace shares his experience of racial prejudice

Sarah Finnan

Shaun Wallace

The Chase’s Shaun Wallace, also known as The Dark Destroyer, has spoken out about his own experiences with racial prejudice in light of the Black Lives Matter protests happening around the world.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, The Chase star Shaun Wallace discussed the Black Lives Matter Movement detailing a number of personal experiences in which he’s fallen victim to racial profiling and prejudice.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Shaun revealed that he’s been mistaken for a criminal on more than one occasion, telling of how he was approached by plainclothes officers as he supposedly ‘fit the profile’ of a suspect in a burglary case.

“On two occasions I was coming out of Kingston Crown Court with a solicitor who happened to be white, and I was approached by a plainclothes police officer who basically said, ‘You fit the profile and description of a person who was involved in a robbery.’ I was simply taken aback and startled.”

According to Shaun, the officer went on to question where he had been, asking why he was at Kingston Crown Court, with the TV personality only managing to diffuse the situation by showing the guard his barrister robes and wig.

“On another occasion, I was coming from Liverpool Crown Court and I was just getting off the train at Watford Junction. Again I was approached by these two plainclothes police officers and I was a bit startled at why they were coming up to me. And again they said the same thing to me… Again I had to show them my wig and gown and they wasn’t even apologetic in relation to their conduct or response.”

Inspired to speak out by the Black Lives Matter protests that are happening around the world, Shaun said that the way Black people, Black men, in particular, have been treated in Britain has gone on for far too long – dubbing it “disrespectful” and a “total disregard of their human rights”.

Encouraging protestors to continue doing so in a peaceful manner he finished by saying:

“If you are stopped and searched, you’ve got nothing to fear if you’ve done nothing wrong. So, respond to the police officers in a dignified and calm manner.”

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