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25th Apr 2020

WATCH: Dermot Kennedy’s performance of ‘All My Friends’ really hit home for people last night

James Fenton

Dermot Kennedy appeared on last night’s Late Late Show and it’s fair to say his performances went down well with viewers.

The Dublin singer-songwriter was speaking about his support for the Capuchin Day Centre for the homeless and while he was in studio, he treated viewers to three stellar performances.

He kicked things off with his internationally-recognised hit Power Over Me…

There was also a flawless rendition of Van Morrison’s Days Like This…

Dermot’s performance of his song All My Friends really hit home though, with people touched by the lyrics in this time of social distancing. ‘All my friends, I’d love to stay, some summer night, I hope I see you again.’

Fingers crossed some summer night we will…

His rendition certainly provided people with solace during these difficult times and you can watch it in full below…

Kennedy also confirmed that the concerts he had lined up for this June, including ones in Dublin and Cork, will be pushed back to June of next year.

Elsewhere on The Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy attempted to drive home the cruel reality of Covid-19 by describing conversations he had with people who have lost loved ones to the virus.