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24th May 2020

WATCH: Dr Holohan held a kids’ Covid-19 Q&A and it was as informative as it was adorable. 

Sarah Finnan

kids' Covid-19 Q&A

Dr Tony Holohan held a kids’ Covid-19 Q&A, answering questions submitted by children around Ireland. 

Organised as part of the UCD Festival, kids from around the country were asked to submit their burning Covid-19 related questions for Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan and we have to admit, they had some pretty great questions.

Hosted by UCD Research and innovation and journalist Claire O’Connell, things kicked off with a question from a young boy called Faris who asked how the coronavirus happened.

Things progressed from there with Cillian asking if the public have to wear masks, followed up by a question from Cian and Michael asking what the difference between a doctor’s mask and a homemade mask is.

Not all questions were strictly coronavirus related however, as Josh wondered if Dr Tony gets nervous when on TV… to which he replied: “Ooh, a little bit sometimes. Whenever you’re going to do something important, like an exam – you’ll be doing exams when you get a little older – or you’re doing something important like you’re playing a match or you’re performing some music in front of your class or whatever, if you’re not a little bit nervous you don’t perform at your best. So it’s ok to be a little bit nervous.”

Words to live by right there.

Other submissions included questions on when people will be able to travel and visit other family members around the country, what sports Dr Tony played as a child and whether a vaccine will protect us and allow us to see our friends. All valid questions I think you’ll agree. Have a watch of the full kids’ Covid-19 Q&A below and I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

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