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16th Jan 2020

WATCH: Elephant calves at Dublin Zoo had a ball playing with discarded Christmas trees

Sarah Finnan

All the warm fuzzies inside.

Taking down the Christmas tree is never a fun activity.

Not only is it a hell of a lot of work (no one wants to spend hours detangling the fairy lights) but it’s also a bit of a downer – an unignorable confirmation that the festivities are well and truly over.

Well, this has definitely helped to make me feel more positive about the experience. Who knew discarded Christmas trees could bring a herd of elephants so much joy?

Treating their elephants to a spot of “festive enrichment”, the guys at Dublin Zoo captured the whole thing on video.

Posting it to Twitter, they captioned it:

“Just a little something to help brighten your newsfeed this Thursday morning…Christmas trees made for a festive enrichment afternoon for the elephant herd at Dublin Zoo”.

And brighten my newsfeed it has. Please excuse me while I rewatch it for the millionth time…

(Imagery courtesy of @DublinZoo)

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