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11th Jun 2020

WATCH: First look at Will Ferrell’s upcoming Eurovision movie

Sarah Finnan

Eurovision movie

Will Ferrell and Eurovision are not two things you’d expect to be saying in the same sentence but you best get used to it as his new movie is due to hit Netflix later this month and it’s about just that.

Starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as members of Fire Saga, a small-town Icelandic band with big dreams, the film follows the duo’s journey to the Eurovision Song Contest. Brought to you by the directors of Wedding Crashers, Irish viewers will be sad to know that Marty Whelan does not feature. However, his very capable compatriot Graham Norton has taken on the challenge of filling his big shoes stepping up to the plate as a Eurovision commentator – a role he’s well accustomed to doing on the BBC each year.

Netflix released the music video for their ‘entry’ Volcano Man back in May but they’ve since dropped the full trailer which you can watch below.

Other big names who make an appearance throughout include Dan Stevens, Demi Lovato and former 007 star Pierce Brosnan.

With the actual Eurovision contest having been cancelled this year (still not over it), fans will hopefully deem this a satisfactory replacement until next year. Will Ferrell’s Eurovision movie debuts on Netflix June 26th.

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