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14th Jul 2020

WATCH: People think this clip of Dublin City Council looks straight out of The Office

Sarah Finnan

A clip of a Dublin City Council meeting in progress has gathered traction online after onlookers pointed out that it reminds them of something you’d see in the likes of The US Office.

For anyone who has not seen the show (shame on you), the series is an American mockumentary that follows the everyday lives of office employees at a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. Though the premise may sound mundane and boring, I can assure you that it’s anything but and with Steve Carell as Michael Scott – the regional manager of the Pennsylvania branch of the company – the programme is full of his characteristic adlibs and improv.

Cut to the below clip which has many of the same features you’d expect to see in the show. Let’s be honest though, it’s all in the camera pan isn’t it?

Onlookers have also been bemused at the fact that one of the speakers managed to fit five ‘Mannix’ into the clip despite it being only six seconds long. Too good.

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