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09th Jan 2021

WATCH: Yesterday was the 11-year anniversary of ‘the guy who slipped on the ice’ clip

Sarah Finnan

guy who slipped on the ice

The guy who slipped on the ice. Seven short words that hold a whole lot of significance for Irish people. 

An iconic piece of Irish television, just as Mariah Carey comes out of hibernation for the winter months, so too does this clip of the guy who slipped on the ice – which resurfaces, without fail, every year.

Yes, my friends, yesterday was a very special day as it marked 11 years since RTÉ reporter John Kilraine’s iconic news segment when a passing pedestrian lost his footing and slipped on the footpath due to icy conditions. One of the most memorable pieces of Irish TV to date, it’s up there with the likes of Teresa Mannion’s famous Galway weather report.

A clip that is sure to make its annual appearance around this time each year, last year was the 10-year anniversary of the clip and, keen to ensure that the moment be commemorated in a deserving way, Coors Light marked the occasion by having a plaque erected in its honour. Taking pride of place on Dublin City’s Church Street, it’s simply addressed to “the guy who slipped on the ice”.

However, while the plaque may act as a source of bewilderment to tourists, there isn’t an Irish person around who wouldn’t get the reference. His identity still remains a mystery but we hope that the guy who slipped on the ice is doing well, wherever he is.

Here’s the clip in question.

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