11 Things You’ll Recognise If You’ve Gone On A First Date In Dublin

By fiodhna_hm

April 15, 2018 at 8:43am


First dates - occasionally fantastic, generally diabolical.

But it's ok, because we've all been there. Here are 11 experiences you may recognise if you've ever gone on a first date, be it Tinder or otherwise, in Dublin's fair city...

1. The 'Where To?' debate

Somewhere that's cool and chill, but not too notionsy? Eek. 

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2. The backup friend plan

"Keep an eye on your phone AT ALL TIMES, I may need an escape route!"

3. The 'who buys the first round?' tug of war

"I'll get the next." 


4. Awkward small talk at the bar while you wait for the barman to notice you

No point getting into the full conversation now, really, is there?

5. Whipping out your phone when they go to the loo

You gotta update your mates, after all. 

'All good!' vs 'HALP!!!!'

6. Doing a quick scan of the bar you're in, to double-check that you don't know anyone there

Dublin is too small, amirite?

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7. The 'Second Destination' discussion

Final orders...

"Should we get one last drink somewhere else?"

8. Somehow accidentally referencing an ex and immediately regretting it

This is why you can't have nice things.

9. Your date mentioning something that they could only have learnt about you from Facebook stalking


10. En route to Second Destination, praying that you don’t bump into someone who you’d have to introduce them to

"This is, eh, my friend...." FUCK, WHAT'S HIS NAME AGAIN?!

11. Getting turfed out of Second Destination around 3am, and then the age old question..

"So, where to?"

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