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25th Mar 2017

57 Glorious Activity Suggestions For A Sunny Day In Dublin


The work day is ending, the sun is creeping through the cracks in the blinds and your mind has well and truly lost the run of itself. Time to start planning activities for when you leave the office with two days of freedom ahead…

We’ve compiled a list (wouldn’t be like us!) of what we think you should be doing while the sun shines.

Now all you have to do is decide what tickles your fancy. Go, go, go!

1. Go on a date

Allow the sunny weather to coax out the romantic in you and go sweep someone off their feet this very evening. Keep it simple and let the sun do the talking – this means you won’t have to break the bank either!

Interested? Check our full list here.

Iveagh Gardens

2. Hit up a beer garden

Treat yo’ self to a cold one (or four) after a long day’s work. There are plenty of tantalising options in the city for you to choose from, so grab a couple of mates and get yourself there!


3. Pick up an ice cream

No brainer. Get them while they’re…cold?

Get the best of them here.


4. Stroll it up

Shake off the cobwebs and stretch those pins of yours. Your body will thank you for it, your friends (dog inclusive) will enjoy it and it won’t cost you a cent. Happy days. 

Check out our list of dreamy walks here.

Summit Joe King

5. Go for something delicious to eat

Dining al fresco is certainly one way to get the most of the city, and its ever-expanding foodie scene.

And we’ve only gone and written a list of the best places to go on a sunny day. Aren’t we good?

Mayfield 2

6. Get yourself to a rooftop bar

Dublin has a plethora of dreamy rooftop spots, so get yourself up there and marvel at the beauty of our gorgeous city. 

Full list of beautiful high-up havens right here.

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