7 refreshingly romantic dates In Dublin for outdoor enthusiasts

By logan

February 9, 2023 at 9:35am


Nothing says romance like fresh air, hiking boots and an anorak amiright?

Once you've been going steady for awhile, dates can soon become a little jaded, drinks in the local, dinner down the road.

Let's face it – no matter how nice these spots are here in Dublin, there are loads of outdoor activities to change the pace in these monotonous outings.

So whether you're craving the fresh air, or your wallet's feeling a little sore, outdoor dates are an excellent option. Suggest one of these alternatives to spend time with your beloved this week:

7. Walking along The Great South Wall

Smack in the middle of the Dublin Bay lies a lovely pier, with views of both the far south and north sides of Dublin. You'll spend a good 35-40 minutes walking to the tip of the pier, so there's plenty of time to talk with a view.

It's fairly close to the city centre, so you could even head there in the evening for an unreal panoramic sunset.



6. Taking a ferry from Dún Laoghaire to Howth

Another way to experience stellar views of the Dublin Bay, but this time you're doing it on the water. Start by hopping on a Dublin Bay Cruise (or even a sailboat) in the Dún Laoghaire harbour. You'll sail across the water to the northern Seapoint, our favourite little town, Howth.

It's a peaceful and scenic ride over, and an alternative to travelling in an enclosed car or train.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, you could even do the Howth cliff walk after you arrive.




5. Mountain biking in Ticknock MTB trails

These trails need to be discovered and adventured on. Ticknock is located in the Dublin Mountains, with fantastic views of the county.

You'll go through a beautiful forest and heathland, whether on a mountain bike or on foot. It gets a bit rocky, twisty and turny, so beginners pay heed.

What's a bit of a challenge for you and your guy or gal?



4. Kayaking in River Liffey or Canal Docs

Now and then you'll see people taking advantage of this beaut that runs through out city, in that they're actually rowing through it.

Honestly one of the best ways to see the city, get the slightest amount of exercise and embrace the (likely partly cloudy) weather.


Something that's nearly always been available, but you've probably never thought about doing. Why not give it a go on your next date night? Check out how to book here.



3. Wander through the National Botanic Gardens

Here's a botanic haven – perfect for those wanting to get outside, but not looking for much physical activity. These gardens are free to visit unless of course, you stop in for lunch or coffee in the cafe.

It would be quite easy to get lost in this colourful oasis, especially in good company.



2. Picnic and cycle through Phoenix Park

With the enormous size of this park, it's the actual best spot to get a proper cycle in Dublin. You can even rent bikes at the front of the park if you and your partner don't have your own.


Meander through the trails, stop at any point along the way, and have a bite to eat. You could kick back with the iconic deers in the park, people watch near the zoo or totally seclude yourselves near the streams that run through.


1. Weekend market at People's Park

This weekend market in Dún Laoghaire is an absolute dream. Just past the Pier in People's Park, lines of stands are set up Saturday-Sunday, full of fresh produce, proper lunches and sweet treats.

Grab a thick, juicy burger, while your date picks on the loaded veggie falafel. Whatever suits your fancy.

On sunny days, people are notorious for just laying in the park post-feed. Sounds like the ideal way to spend a weekend.



It's proven that spending time outdoors helps make us feel more alive – it does our mind, body and soul some serious good. Clearly, we need more of this in our lives and our relationships.

Dinner and drinks are always a solid date option, especially at these alternative date ideas, but why not get a dose of fresh air for your next outing?

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