7 Things To Do This Weekend If You're Not Going To Electric Picnic

We have lives too...

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For the third year in a row I am unable to attend Electric Picnic.

And I am as bitter as ever. 

I mean, eh, I am perfectly content being stuck in an office for the entire weekend. No place I'd rather be. 

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

I've deleted Snapchat and logged out of Facebook for the weekend in the hopes that I will remain utterly oblivious to all the banter down in Stradbally. Instead, I have come up with this hunreal list of things to distract yourself with. 

Sure, I might see you there. 

1. Go see Billy Elliot before it's too late

As someone who haaates musicals, I cannot recommend going to see Billy enough. 

It kind of changed my life. 

Tomorrow is the last day however, so get your tickets now. Or regret it forever. 

2. Catch a gig

Conor Oberst is playing in The Bord Gáis on Sunday and we can't think of a dreamier way to spend your EP-free Sunday. 

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3. Get brunch with an old friend

That person you keep thinking of and meaning to contact – just bite the bullet. 

Get onto them and grab brunch. Boozy brunch. 

Find some suggestions here.

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4. Do a free city tour

Think you know this city like the back of your hand?

Think again. 

This 3 hour tour is completely free and you'll thoroughly enjoy getting to know our city all over again.

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5. Drink an espresso martini 

Nothing says 'I'm-fine-and-I-didn't-want-to-go-to-EP-anyways' like an espresso martini

We got you.

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6. Escape the Adventure Rooms

Grab a team and head to the Adventure Rooms on Little Britain Street for a bit of team work, competition and good craic. 

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7. Get cooking/baking 

We have plennntyyy of recipes for you.

So let your inner domestic god/goddess shine in the kitchen this weekend and impress all your mates upon their return from EP.

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