9 Foods And Drinks That Are Guaranteed To Cause Fights Among Irish People

Tayto vs King, Barry's vs Lyons, skinny chips vs fat chips – these are the hot-button issues have torn relationships asunder

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They say that you should avoid talking about religion or politics when you're with your friends.

But we'd suggest that perhaps food should be added to that list – particularly when it comes to these nine hot-button issues that are guaranteed to cause rows among Irish people.

1. Barry's vs Lyons

The big one. The one that has the power to end a blossoming romance on the spot, tear families apart, and truly change the way people see one another.

To be honest, this should be a required field for people on dating websites – it would save so much heartbreak in the long run.


2. Chef vs Heinz

Some people say that they both taste the same. Those people are wrong, and do not appreciate the vinegary punch that Chef packs and Heinz omits.

Which is better, you ask? Well that's not really for us to Chef.

I mean say.


3. Fat Chips vs Skinny Chips

Once you've finished fighting about the ketchup, throw this grenade into the mix to truly finish off whatever's left of your relationship.

Mind you, both of these camps will happily unite for the common good if a twisty fries-loving freak pushes comes along and throws their disturbing views into the discussion.


4. Tayto vs King

Yeah, this one is going to get pretty ugly.

Just let it happen.


5. Guinness vs Murphy's

Barry's vs Lyons, Saipan, the Civil War... like so many disputes throughout Irish history, you have to suspect that this one comes primarily down to one thing.

Cork people being difficult.


6. Ice Creams vs Ice Pops

It's a hot day and you're walking along Bray beach with your new flame. You need a snack to cool down – but are you really brave to open up Pandora's Box?

No. You're not. And you're right not to.


7. Pineapple on pizza vs OH GOOD GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING

Niche, but seriously divisive – people have been known to wretch at the sight of fruit sitting on top of pizza, while some say it's not really complete without it.

Ne'er the twain shall meet.


8. Fanta vs Club Orange

"Why do you hate your country? WHY?"

Club devotees tend to look at Fanta drinkers in the same way as Donald Trump looks at Democrats.


9. 3-in-1s vs Human Decency

Look, we've been through this one before, and we really are rather hesitant to reopen such damaging wounds.

But the 3-in-1 – Ireland's adopted national dish – has a tendency to provoke some absolutely vicious views on both sides of the divide.


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Written By

Aidan Coughlan