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05th Aug 2017

The Ultimate Dublin Summer 2017 Bucket List – Have You Ticked Off All Of These Things Yet?


Summer is here (whether the weather is co-operating or not) and we’ve been revelling as much as revellers can revel. Which, as you’d imagine, is quite a bit…

AND, we want you to do the same.

So go on, dive headfirst into the magical metropolis that is Dublin in the summer, and tick off absolutely everything on this list.

We dare you..

1. Devour a Teddy’s 99

Had to get the obvious one out of the way first, obvs.

2. Jump off Bullock Harbour

Even though it’s scary and high.

3. Meander around Dun Laoghaire pier

Dog-spotting everywhere you go.

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4. Inhale a Beshoff’s

Well, not literally.

But really, who are we to judge?


5. See a match in Croker

2017 fixtures are here.

You’re welcome. 

6. Pick up a six pack at The Pav

Just try to avoid the queues…

7. Catch an outdoor concert

Hail, rain or shine – you can be sure that they’ll still go ahead.

8. Grab some bread and feed the ducks in Stephen’s Green

…or the ends of your lunch, whichever suits!

9. Stroll the Bray to Greystones walk

Or run, if you’re mental.

8 Signpost

10. Successfully survive the summer without being eaten by seagulls

Let’s be real, it’s touch and bloody go.

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11. Shout back at the Viking Splash

Someone has to.

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12. Find the hidden Howth swimming spot

Go to the summit and just keep on walking.

That’s all there is to it. 

13. Rooftop drinks at The Marker

The following excuses warrant a trip:

  • New job
  • Bad Tuesday
  • Shit boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Payday
  • Feeling glam
  • Not giving a damn
  • Thirsty
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14. Perch on Sutton beach

Rarely crowded, close to the DART and loads of dogs.

15. Picnic at the Iveagh Gardens

A peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Dublin.

16. Hitch a ride on Dublin Bay Cruises

And literally, em, cruise, in style (sorry!).

They usually play bangin’ tunes the whole journey. 

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17. Swim with seals at the 40 foot

Or watch them wink at you from afar. 

Shutterstock 139336469

18. Have a barbecue

18a. Eat everything at said barbecue.

19. People-watch in Grogan’s

The best people-watching spot in all the land.

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20. Get a Gino’s for lunch

Because you deserve it – and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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21. And finally, go looking for deer in Phoenix Park

Serviced by several buses and easily accessible if you’re walking or cycling too. 

You’ve got literally no excuse not to find your own personal Bambi in one of Europe’s largest city parks.

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So, there you have it. Simples. 

Now get to it – Autumn is coming…

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