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20th Dec 2016

Any Mistletoe? 6 Great Places For A Date In Dublin Over Christmas


Christmas is not just the most wonderful time of year, but it’s also the most romantic. 

With twinkling lights everywhere and a feeling of good cheer, you’d be mad not to take advantage of it when planning the perfect date.

Here are some seasonal ideas for how to impress.

1. Ice-skating

A *great* excuse to grab the other person’s hand without seeming over-eager. Heh heh. 

Have a bit of a laugh as you try not to fall over, or alternatively, just push each other over. Banter. 

Plus, loads of ice rinks have been set up for the Christmas season around Dublin…

Ice Skating 2

2. Explore a Christmas market

Pour over the cool and weird items on sale, pick out something nice and get into the festive season. There are some great markets taking place this weekend

Christmas Market

3. Go thrift-shopping

Damn that’s a cold-ass honkey. 

For a fun date with a difference, hit some charity shops and pick out the worst Christmas jumper or party outfit you can, with the twist that the other person has to wear whatever you chose. Christmas is the time to give back after all. 

Dublin’s covered in charity shops, it won’t be hard to find one. 

Thrift Shop

4. Cuddle up somewhere cosy

Going out for a drink can be an easy way to get to know someone. Given the season that’s in it, try to a pub with a fire or where you’re guaranteed a hot toddy or a mulled wine

Alternatively, loads of hotels around Dublin at the moment have amazing decorations, and getting a drink in the lobby can be a cheap way of getting in somewhere you’d normally have to pay a lot of money to stay in.


5. Bake

The classic romantic comedy date. Head to the super-market, pick up the ingredients together and bring something magical into this world. You can pick up fun things like Smarties and Jelly Tots to put on top. 

For extra Christmassy treats, Tiger is selling Christmas themed cookie cutters and Sostrene Grene have a kit to help you make a ginger bread house.


6. Explore

Dublin looks like a wonderland at the moment. Just wander around and take in the window displays, twinkling lights and carollers. 

This city is made for exploring. 


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