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04th Sep 2020

Five artisan Irish condiments to add to your kitchen press

Lynda Keogh

Do you need to up your brunch game? Feel a bit fancy? If you’re a foodie with notions like I am, you need to give these condiments a try. They’re delicious!

Since lockdown (…let’s not dwell on it too much here), its been so nice to take more time to cook and prepare more meals at home. So, over the last few months, I started experimenting with new sauces and condiments – specifically, those made by local and Irish owned businesses.

Check out these five that I’ve tried and loved:

1) Harry’s Nut Butter

Honestly, who knew a nut butter could be so versatile? Spread it on toast, use it as a base for your satay sauce or, listen, you could even eat it with a spoon. In my opinion, there is no scenario in which Harry’s couldn’t be used.

2) White Mausu

White Mausu say they ‘aim to make sauces you can’t live without’ – and you got me guys! I can’t and won’t live without the White Mausu Peanut Rayu. Since I was young, my Dad has always told us about the fifth sense Umami. And by god, this hits the spot. The flavour brings me right back to those little laneway restaurants in Asia. Authentic and addictive.

3) Sarah’s Wonderful Honey 

This. Stuff. I can’t describe how nice this is. Okay, so I have to start with the fact that – I. LOVE. Cinnamon. These guys do have other twists like ginger, walnuts and even lemon. I like the cinnamon drizzled over a bowl of greek yoghurt. But, when I have a cold I like to add this or the lemon one to tea. Warming and wholesome, and always needs to be in the cupboard.

4) Irish Black Butter

We all love a good cheeseboard, and this is where I first tasted Irish Black Butter. My friend served this up and it went down a treat. Its made with Irish Bramley apples, and has a sweet but savoury taste – hard to describe! But, this is definitely one to try with your next cheese platter.

5) Síolta Kitchen

You’ve heard of peanut butter, cashew butter and almond butter – but I will now introduce you to sunflower butter. Welcome, welcome to your new obsession. I always go for the coconut sunflower butter from Síolta Kitchen – on toast, with some sliced banana and a few coconut flakes on top. How are ya?!

Do you have any faves?

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