5 Dirty Takeaways To Order And Devour From Your Bed Right Now

Sometimes it just HAS to be done

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Did you go on a mad one last night and are now suffering seriously?

Well fear not because one of these dirty takeaways will cure you.

Just order, answer the door and take your delightful bag of heaven up to bed and eat it on your duvet.

Everything is gonna be ok. 

1. Garlic and cheese fries

Ok chips is fine. But chips smothered in mayonnaise with a mound of cheese on top?

The ULTIMATE sin. 

Garlic Cheese Fries

2. Butter chicken 

Is there a more sinful dish on the entire planet?

This typical Irish-Indian takeaway ain't complete without a big dirty, buttery piece of naan bread. 

Food baby? Check. 

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3. A battered sausage from your local takeaway

This delicacy should probably be illegal, but fortunately for your unique cravings – it's not!

Enjoy with a big glass of Rock Shandy. 

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4. A Dominos meal deal for two 

Nobody should be able to fit this much food in their stomach.

But somehow we make it happen. Each and every time. 

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5. A spice bag

You just can't help but feel a world of guilt after inhaling one of these bad boys.

All that deep frying and batter... it ain't good.

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Alana Laverty

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