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21st Jan 2021

7 spots in Dublin to get a veggie sausage roll

Fiona Frawley

Ahh, the humble sausage roll.

Is there a dish on earth like it? Perfect for breakfast, lunch, a quick snack on the go (once you don’t mind being lightly dusted in pastry flakes – I think it’s a good look to be perfectly honest). And the sausage rolls little veggie sister has been making waves recently – even carnivores can admit, those babies are tasty. There are loads of delicious Dublin spots making magic with veg, spices and pastry, and we’ve rounded up a couple of must tries for the days you’re not feeling meaty.


Legit are known and loved for their OG sausage rolls, but the veggie version is equally delish. This baby’s filled with sautéed mushrooms, onion stuffing and Emmental cheese.


If you’re ever out the Shankill way, make it your business to try one of Inhale’s veggie sausage rolls. Baked throughout the day and always fresh, these are an absolute delight.

Coffee Works

These bad boys aren’t just veggie, they’re VEGAN if you don’t mind. Pick one up at one of Coffee Work’s shops in Lucan, Blanch or Swords.

Lolly and Cooks

You’ve probably heard of these unbelievable meat free sausie rolls through the veggie grape vine. But we’ll include them just in case. Pick up one for yourself from one of Lolly and Cooks’ four city centre shops.

Couple of Coffees

Amidst this stunning treat based flat lay, you’ll spy a veggie sausage roll. Definitely one to try.


Hot off the press is this cheesy delight from Meltdown, with tasty tomato, spinach and spuds. That’s right, spuds in a sausage roll.


The self professed Sausage Rolls R Us of the cafe world have a gorge vegetarian option with butternut squash, sweet potato, chickpeas, pepper and loads of other tasty veggies packed in.

Header image via Instagram/Legit

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