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29th Jul 2021

Add this Baldoyle bagel spot to your list

Fiona Frawley

Anyone who reinvented themselves as a through and through New Yorker after going there once on J1 knows well the joy NY style bagels evoke.

They’re just elite. The shiny crust, the hint of a tang and the hefty portion of toppings – what more could you actually ask for? Lucky for anyone craving an authentic hit, Outcasts have just landed in Baldoyle and are providing the goods.

On their menu you’ll find bagels stacked with delicious carved ham or veggie friendly jackfruit, an extremely intriguing breakfast option that includes potatoes, and the forever classic cream cheese and bacon, or “so fresh and so cream” as they’ve christened it. Hopefully it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to realise the names of the bagels are Outkast themed, inspired the containers namesake. V smart.

After you “get your hole” (their words, not mine), you’ve a choice of delish tartine pastries and/or honeycomb ice cream to enjoy, as well as tasty speciality coffee.

Hit them up this week. They’re bright blue and will be blaring hip hop tunes, you can’t miss em.

Header image via Instagram/Outcasts Dublin

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