Cluck Chicken responds to fowl customer review of their 'expensive' prices

By Katy Thornton

August 4, 2022 at 11:32am


Cluck Chicken have gotten candid about their prices.


It's no secret that everything is getting more expensive, from petrol, to housing, to food. As a result in the last few months, we've seen multiple hospitality spots post to their socials to inform customers of price increases, to keep up with rising inflation.

Cluck Chicken are the most recent to get candid about what it costs to run a food business after receiving a not so positive customer review, which said:

"It's nice food but expensive for what it is."


While the comment continued to express how friendly the staff were, overall they left a 3 star review. This prompted Cluck Chicken to defend their prices.

They broke down the reasons behind their costs into four parts. Firstly Cluck Chicken only uses Irish chicken, despite the fact that the cost has increased by 60% in the last six months. Second they cited that both gas and power had almost doubled, and third that their direct costs such as flour, oil, and dairy products have also increased dramatically. Finally, Cluck Chicken is proud to say that all our their staff are earning above the living wage for their age and position.

The chicken shop ended their explanation with this sentiment:


"We have not increased our prices in over 12 months, running at a GP of much less than 72% is not what any food business owner wants. We do it and continue to do it because we believe it will turn for us and we have a lot of faith in our product & brand."

Fairplay to Cluck for candidly showing where their prices come from, at a time where everything is getting more expensive.

Header image via Instagram/cluckchicken_truck

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