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20th Jul 2022

Doughbox expand beyond pizza with new waffle and toastie pop-up

Katy Thornton

doughbox waffle toastie pop-up

Introducing Wafflebox…

Doughbox is entering a new phase of its life with this new waffle and toastie pop-up. The wood fired pizza spot, located by The Brook Pub in Portrane, is mixing things up this summer, trying its hand at creating something new. For a limited time, Doughbox introduces Wafflebox, for when you’re just not in the mood for pizza.

The Wafflebox menu is a simple one; you can choose between two toasties, three cheese or three cheese and pancetta, both of which have a dip included in the price. I don’t know about you, but I get really frustrated when I can’t get a dip to go with my pizza and toasties, so I’m delighted to see at Wafflebox you can choose between garlic (the GOAT), basil pesto, chipotle mayo, and sweet tomato relish. Absolutely spoilt for choice.

And if you’re looking for something sweet, surprisingly enough Wafflebox also serve, well, waffles. These Belgian waffles come either plain, with nutella, or with strawberries and cream. Also it may not be on the menu, but you can ask for the below special, a waffle with a kinder bueno hippo, nutella, and hazelnut sauce.

You best believe we’ll make it a priority to get over to Doughbox to try out their new waffle and toastie pop-up. And while we’re there, we may as well get a pizza too… It would be rude not to.

Wafflebox opens Wednesday to Sunday, starting from 12pm while Doughbox starts up at 1pm.

Header image via Instagram/doughboxdublin

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