Dublin cafe offer 'helpful reminder' to those who forget their keep cups

By Fiona Frawley

May 17, 2022 at 11:59am


Like Dolores Umbridge and Principal Skinner before them, Cloud Picker Coffee are assigning lines to anyone who forgets their reusable cup when paying them a visit.

The speciality cafe on Pearse Street committed last year to stopping the production of their branded single use cups, in a move to reduce waste and encourage their customers to embrace the reusable lifestyle.

Now, if you forget your vessel you'll get a "little helpful reminder" stamped on your single use cup - the words "must bring my own cup" repeated until the message sinks in - as our pal Dolores would say.

Cloud Picker do have a reusable cup system in place, but you don't have to fork out much money or any at all to cut down on single use items. If your local cafe is close by to your home or office, you can always just bring a mug from the cupboard with you - most cafes would be delighted to fill it for you. In my own barista days, people would bring empty jam jars in for their flat whites (I wouldn't recommend that method for an Americano, but definitely a great shout for milky coffees and very Instagrammable).


Would this stamp encourage you to remember your own cup next time?

Header image via Instagram/cloudpickercoffee

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