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15th Nov 2018

One Special Reason Makes These Dublin Christmas Gingerbread Cookies The Sweetest In The Capital

Darragh Berry

Christmas is fast approaching which means only one thing, I’m preparing myself to go into hibernation which involves eating my body weight in food for the 12 days of Christmas.

(Okay, I lied, I may have started my heavy Christmas eating already).

I am lying because I scoffed the two tasty gingerbread men in the main photo yesterday and I don’t regret one single bite.


And I felt a slight bit better about my pre-Christmas gluttony to find out that buying one or two or you know 56 of these little fellows, all go to a great cause.

The pastry team at The Address at Dublin 1 are putting their creative talent to good use this festive season, creating handmade gingerbread men and women to raise funds for Barnardos.

The handmade gingerbread men and women will be sold in The Parlor at The Address at Dublin 1.

Priced at €2.50 each, sales of the gingerbread treats from Wednesday 21st November – Friday 21st December will be donated to Barnardos.

The team have also crafted a magical gingerbread house, decorated like a winter wonderland with hand baked biscuits, iced snow and jeweled candy.

The gingerbread house will be on display in the lobby of the Address at Dublin 1 from Wednesday 21st November.

Now, how would one go about living in this gingerbread house for Christmas and eating its interior and exterior? Asking for a friend…

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