Griolladh are 'back in the old stomping ground' in Malahide

By Katy Thornton

June 13, 2022 at 12:58pm


Fancy a toastie by the coastie?


In the two years that Griolladh has been on the scene, they've made a huge impact. Arguably one of the best toastie spots in Dublin, the sight of their bright yellow van is enough to get anyone's stomach grumbling. They've popped up in many locations since June 2020, sometimes for long stints of time, sometimes just for a visit.

Well now Griolladh is back where it all started, along the Malahide coast for the summer. Just in time for the alleged 26 degree temperatures we're hoping to see on Friday.


With tons of outdoor seating and a gorgeous view, we think the people of Malahide will be buzzing about this return to the old stomping ground.

What could beat a chicco n stuffin' toastie while sitting along the coastie (sorry, we did steal that rhyme from Griolladh but we just love it). Another piece of exciting news is that the Malahide coast Griolladh will soon be serving their new bowls, which were previously exclusive to the Thomas Street store.

It's all happening; Griolladh opens 10-4 at this new (old) location.

Header image via Instagram/griolladh


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