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10th Jan 2018

Parnell Street Is Finally Getting Its Groove Back And I’m Loving It


Poor aul Parnell Street gets a bit of a bad rap. It’s true that it’s pretty tatty, and there are plenty of derelict buildings and graffiti-covered walls dotted along it. 

It’s incredibly central – just steps from O’Connell Street – but so neglected, and it has been for years. 

With a bit of effort and investment it could come a long way, though, and we’re already seeing it getting its mojo back a little. 

The new Cross City Luas line is starting to have an effect, and several new businesses have opened there in the past few months. 

Super cool brand Wowburger now has a restaurant just beside the cinema, seating 70-80 people. 


Zambrero opened a burrito place there late last year, and people are loving the new travel-themed Luggage Bar. 

A swish new library, costing up to €100m, is also planned for Parnell Square. This should hopefully bring more footfall to the area when it opens in 2020. 

And let’s not forget about the fantastic businesses that are already there. 

There’s the unfussy but delicious Kimchi/Hop House and Lee’s Charming Noodles. The glorious Chapters with every book you could ever want (and a huge second-hand selection). Fibber Magees for rockin’ nights out and the Woolshed for jugs of beer and sports on the box. 

And of course, the other Chinese, Korean, Indian, African and other world restaurants and shops on the street that bring authentic cuisine, vibrancy and variety to the city. 

I love Parnell Street despite its flaws and I’m hoping it’ll get even better in the future. It just needs a bitta love. 

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