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People With These Two Popular Names Can Get A Free Lunch At The Back Page This Week

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We’re well into January now and the post-Christmas blues are in full effect. Our bellies are full and our wallets are empty so we’ll take anything we can to cheer us up at this miserable time of year.

Enter The Back Page in Phibsboro which is bringing its 2017 tradition of free weekly lunches into the new year. Unfortunately for most of us, we’re still waiting for our names to crop up but the fingers remain crossed that our chance will come in 2018. 

Perhaps a couple of months early, there’s a very Irish twist to the two lucky names this week as the Patricks and Patricias of Dublin will be able to claim free grub until Friday of this week.

The offer is valid from 10.30am until 3.30pm from Monday to Friday and if you are one of the fortunate few make sure you don’t forget your ID. Thanks to the Luas Cross City, Phibsboro is now more accessible than ever so there really is no excuse.

G’wan Paddy. 

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