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02nd Feb 2020

Project Black do the most insane toasties

Alan Fisher

Project Black in Ranelagh does the most insane toasties and you have got to try one out this week.

We all know there are some pretty amazing toasties you can get in Dublin.

Meltdown has surely set down the marker for how good toasties can be with their delicious range but Project Black has nailed theirs too.

Project Black is located at the Ranelagh Luas station and I get a coffee in there almost every day as it’s close to work but I didn’t even know they did toasties until about two days ago.

I popped down to get one once I heard the news and by god, it’s impressive.

They offer regular ones like ham and cheese that are amazing but I tried the chicken chipotle and it was to die for.

Toasted with a layer of butter on the outside, they are crispy on the outside just the way I like them.

That glorious feeling when you bite through the crispy exterior before the warm insides oozes into your mouth.

The best part is that you can get one of these delicious toasties, that are pretty big might I add, along with a coffee for €7.50.

That’s pretty good value in this day and age.

You can bet your bottom dollar that you will be seeing me in there munching on one of these tasty toasties again this week.

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