Six Seriously Savage Takeaways To End Your Weekend In Style

By seank

September 6, 2019 at 11:01am



It's Sunday evening, which means that the weekend's nearly over and you've got work in the morning — it's all a bit shit, really.

So bring some light back into your life tonight by treating yourself to a big dirty takeaway.

Cos we're pretty sure that empty feeling inside can be filled with just the right amount of fast food.

Namaste India

If you like Indian food, you'll love these guys. You always get a proper big feed and you're never disappointed.

Click HERE to order.

Leo Burdock's

For an old school fish 'n' chips takeaway, it has to be from Burdock's. With their thick chips and the crispy bits at the bottom of each bag, the beauty of this place is in its simplicity. We can smell that salt and vinegar already...

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Don't know about you, but this place makes burgers exactly the way we like 'em: gourmet. And from kitchens.

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You literally can't go wrong with a dish from Camile. Their menu include the calories too, so if you're trying to be relatively good it's lemon squeezy... which is to say, easy peasy.

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Sometimes you just need to find some comfort in a big ol' hunk of spicy meat with beans, sour cream and guac in a tortilla wrap. It's a bit like a safety blanket... that you can eat.

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Dublin Pizza Company

A thoroughly bold sort of pizza, where you're reliable to experience a thoroughly member meal.

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