The 5 Foods That Make You Happiest Have Been Revealed

Is your favourite comfort food on this list?


With the weather getting colder and more miserable, it's only natural that we start to feel a bit blue. Thankfully, however, there is a way to make yourself feel a bit happier when you're not feeling your best: just eating one of these foods.

A new study from The Happy Egg found people tend to go for brightly coloured foods when they're trying to cheer themselves up, with 70% of those surveyed revealing that they associate the colour yellow with joy.

Here were the five types of food that people found made them happiest:

5. Lemon cakes – 52%

4. Poached eggs – 53%

3. Pancakes – 54% 

2. Macaroni cheese – 56%

1. Omelettes – 61%

So the next time you're feeling down, just make yourself a big ol' omelette. The yellower the better.

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