Make Everyday A Frie-Day - Here Are The Very Best Chippers In Dublin

Not one we've taken lightly...

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Craving some chips? Well, maybe you weren't originally, but you definitely are now! *evil laugh*

The topic of chippers, and chipper chips, is one that often comes up on the streets of Dublin – and in the Lovin Dublin offices – and it's time to put the debate to rest. Below are what we reckon are some of the best chippers in Dublin, for when you need that fix. Or have a bad day. Or have a good day. Or are hungry. 

Do your best to try them all – just maybe not all in the same week.

1. Leo Burdocks, Christchurch

Well, we had to point to the obvious first, didn't we?

A favourite of celebs both Ireland-based and from around the world (Justin Trousersnake's parents, if you don't mind), this chipper is never empty, and always delicious. And who can argue with that queue...

2. Beshoff Bros, Howth

The obvious choice when in Howth, Beshoff Bros is rarely spotted without a line reaching right around the corner. The sea air also seems to give them an even saltier taste, which is always welcome.

And it usually means you've spent a day at the seaside. Winning.


3. Roma II, Wexford Street

Despite there being absolutely no evidence to suggest that a Roma I may exist, this place has been firmly atop the lists of best chippers in the city for decades gone by. They're cheap, cheerful and they produce absolutely killer bags of fries. Everything a good chipper should be. 

4. Borza, Everywhere

The original and, some would say, the best. Located pretty much everywhere, you're never too far from a banging bag of chips. 

Their chips are always piping hot and super vinegary - meaning they're not for the faint-hearted (or weak-stomached).

Borza Stepaside

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5. Lido, Pearse Street

Located in what some would call the heart of Dublin, Pearse Street's Lido is fast, friendly and full of flavoursome and fried options. Everything you want after a walk along Grand Canal Dock, cheat meal or drunken bite to eat. 

Arguably the best garlic cheese chips in all the land. Just sayin'.

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6. Fusciardis, Marlborough Street

A typical Italian chipper which is generally always full, even at lunch time! Also a sit-down restaurant, this place whips us deadly dishes as well as sumptuous bags of chips. Not as greasy as some of its counterparts, this place has it all. 

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7. Fairview Grill

Fairview Grill is one of those very few chippers around that boast tables, chairs and a whole range of cutlery and service. Something of a Fairview institution, this place has recently branched out by opening a franchise on the Malahide Rd - albeit without seats or crockery options.

Whopper chips, better service and right next to a bus stop for those of you who can't walk home because you over ate. Perfect. 

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8. Liberos, Deansgrange

Outstanding food and service, and with consistently good food - Liberos is a haven to all those who know about it, and an addiction for all those who frequent it. It's a well-known fact that your first trip will definitely not be your last, and with fluffy, crispy, deadly chips, it's not hard to see why.


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