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19th Feb 2017

The 6 Tastiest And Healthiest Takeaways To Order Tonight

Alana Laverty

After a long week of eating shite sometimes all you want, and need, is a good healthy meal to get you back on track.

New week, new you. Until tomorrow at least….

It can be difficult to find a tasty yet healthy takeaway dish in Dublin so here are a few to choose from:

1. Mezze platter, Brother Hubbard

This platter consists of a few of Brother Hubbard’s lovely, and very healthy, Mediterranean starters.

Including sweet potato and chickpea falafel, spiced cauliflower florets with a refreshing yogurt dip, moroccan harira soup with baba-ganoush dressing, beetroot bummous dukkah and it’s all served with some flatbread and yummy pickles.

Sounds a bit overwhelming but I can promise you that you’ll being using both hands to shove it all into your mouth as quick as possible. 

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2. Chicken and coconut Laksa, Piply 

Delicious pulled chicken in a fragrant Asian coconut curry sauce, topped with pickled ginger ‘slaw, fresh herbs with spiced peanut, and served over vermicelli rice noodles.

They currently only deliver to some areas in D2, D6 and D8 but will soon be delivering further afield to cater for your healthy eating needs. 

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3. Green Machine, SABA To Go

Saba has some seriously good paleo options. Including this veggie-packed dish.

It’s a delicious wok-fried mixture of broccoli, kale, Chinese leaves, Thai basil, sugar snap peas, ginger, bok choy, cashew nuts, carrots, lime, chilli and Saba paleo sauce with a choice of chicken, beef, prawn or totally vegetarian.

If you wanna get some carbs in there get a side of rice or noodles, no bother to ya.

Delightfully good stuff.

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4. Chicken Satay, Diep 

Stir fried chicken satay with shredded carrot and Diep’s own healthy crunchy peanut satay sauce, this is the Asian dish you’ve been waiting for. 

Light, yet decadent, sweet, yet spicy, this is going to hit the spot.

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5. Sushi, Kuraudo 

Sushi is actually great for a healthy meal. Small portions of rice in a perfect ratio to veg or raw fish.

And Kuraudo boasts some of the best sushi in all of Dublin. Authentic, flavoursome bites that will leave you surprisingly full every time. 

It’s also all totally affordable. S’all good.

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6. Burrito bowl, Tolteca

Okay, perhaps not the healthiest of healthy choices. But this one really all depends on what you put in it, and it’s without the wrap. Every little helps.

So if you have the self-restraint to stand at the counter and choose the good shtuff then go for it.

We’d opt for brown rice, chicken, beans, corn salsa and as much guac as your tummy desires. Avocados are healthy fat after all!

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So order your takeaway, put a pic on your Snapchat to show your mates that you avoided the spice bag, and enjoy. 

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